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Have a great summer!!!

From Cross Country Coach Fenus:
JUNE: Week 10-14 15-20 minute Run 1-day per week 
Week 17-21 15-20 minute Run 1-day per week 
Week 24-28 15-20 minute Run 1-day per week

JULY: Week 1-5 15-20 minute Run 2-3 days per week 
Week 8-12 15-20 minute Run 2-3 days per week 
Week 15-19 15-20 minute Run 2-3 days per week 
Week 22-26 15-20 minute Run 2-3 days per week 
Week 29-2 15-20 minute Run 2-3 days per week

June and July the kids will run on there own.

August: Week 5-16 Meet at the K-8 building at 6pm- Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to meet with coach for practice.

August 19th-First Day of Practice. Meet at K-8 building at 3:00 everyday. Athletes must be registered online and have physicals or they will not be able to practice.

First day of school is August 27th.

Principal's Message

Welcome to Mountain View Middle School located in the beautiful Bridger Valley.

With approximately 195 students enrolled in grades 6-8, we're able to offer our students excellent opportunities for learning by having smaller class sizes. Our 7 period schedule allows students to receive 50 minutes of instruction in all core areas each day. We offer multiple elective courses students are able to take while enrolled at MVMS: Family Consumer Science, Wood Shop, Drafting, Science Exploration, Band, Choir, and Art. We also offer multiple extra curricular programs: Gear Up, Destination Imagination, Student Service Group, Student Council along with the following sports for 7th/8th grade: Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling, and Track. 6th graders can participate in Swimming, Cross Country, and Wrestling.

Thanks for visiting our website. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the school at 307-782-3377 or email me at

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