8th grade syllabus



Eighth Grade Social Studies


Mtn View Middle School


Mr. Tim R Gonzales( G)




TEXTBOOK : The American Journey   -McGraw Hill






Eighth grade Social Studies is a study of American History. We will start our studies with the Industrial Revolution, and continue through the Turning Points of the Cold War.  Using American History as a theme, we will intertwine Economics, Civics, and Geography throughout the year.




Quarter 1   The Industrial Revolution


We will first discuss the causes and then the events that were a part of the Industrial Revolution. We will investigate the development of Railroads, Inventions ,Age of Big Business , Urban Growth. (Chapters 19 and 20 of the textbook).




Quarter 2    Expansion and War


We will discuss Overseas Expansion, Imperialism , Spanish American War, Latin American Policies and WWI . (chapter 22 & 23)




Quarter 3   The Troubled Decade


We will look at The Jazz Age,Great Depression and WW II. (chapter 24, 25 and 26)




Quarter 4   Turning Points


We will examine the Cold War, America Durning 1950-1960, Civil Rights and Vietnam Era's. (chapter 27,28,29 and 30)



A.     Standard Based Grading System


90-100  -A                   

80-89  -B                         

70-79   -C                        

60-69  -D                         

Below 60 -F      


 1. Percentages will be based on points accumulated on various assignments made during the course of the year.



B.    Breakdown of Points


1.  Tests   70%


         1. Mostly objective- matching, multiple choice, fill in the blank

         2. Some essay


2.  Homework /Activity Projects 30 %


      1.Questions from the textbook assignments ,assignments such as written reports, cooperative group projects,Powerpoint assignments will be part of the students grade.



C.  Classroom Rules


  1. Respect Yourself
  2. Respect Others
  3. Respect the Classroom Environment
  4. Have a Winning Attitude
  5. Do Your Best