7th Grade Syllabus


Seventh Grade Social Studies


Mtn View Middle School


Mr. Tim R Gonzales( G)




TEXTBOOK : The American Journey  To WWI -McGraw Hill






Seventh grade Social Studies is a study of American History. We will start our studies with the American Revolution, and continue through Building a Young Nation, Civil War and the Western Frontier.  Using American History as a theme, we will intertwine Economics, Civics, and Geography throughout the year.




Quarter 1   The Road To Independence


We will first discuss the causes and then the events that were a part of the  Road To Independence. We will investigate Life in the Colonies, Trouble in the Colonies ,War of Independence.( Chapter 2 )




Quarter 2   Building a Young Nation


We will discuss the development of  different sections of the country North: Building Industry, South:  Agriculture . (chapters 8 & 9)




Quarter 3   The Civil War


The causes of the Civil War will be discussed. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the North and the South. We will look at the major players surrounding the Civil War and discuss some of the major battles that were a part of the war.  (chapters 12,13 and 14)




Quarter 4   Reshaping The Nation( Western Frontier)


We will examine  how the settling of the Plains and the growth of industry helped the United States become an agricultural and industrial leader. (chapter 15)



A.     Standard Based Grading System


90-100  -A                   

80-89  -B                         

70-79   -C                        

60-69  -D                         

Below 60 -F      


 1. Percentages will be based on points accumulated on various assignments made during the course of the year.



B.    Breakdown of Points


1.  Tests   70%


         1. Mostly objective- matching, multiple choice, fill in the blank

         2. Some essay


2.  Homework /Activity Projects 30 %


      1.Questions from the textbook assignments ,assignments such as written reports, cooperative group projects,Powerpoint assignments will be part of the students grade.



C.  Classroom Rules


  1. Respect Yourself
  2. Respect Others
  3. Respect the Classroom Environment
  4. Have a Winning Attitude
  5. Do Your Best