Top Tens 2013-2014


Quarter 4 Top Ten Essays

Colten Barker – Dear Koopa Troopa

Harlan Benedict – Doggie Disorders

Dallie Hewitt – Title IX: Do We Still Need the Law?

Paxton Maxfield – Jobs for Young and Old

Shania Pehrson – Stem Cell Research

Hope Pfeifer – Legend of the Water Horse

Trenna Slagowski – Life in the Shadows

Machela Sweeney – If Only the World Understood the Benefits of Two

Brianna Tims – Multi-Million Dollar Athletes

Sabre Williams – How Are You Going to Protect Yourself After This?

Emilee Benedict – You Have the Right to Learn/Diary By: Braleigh

Keven Cantlin – The Coed Catastophe

Jessica Harter – The Real Influence on Youth

Slade Mair – Bullying? Can Schools Help?

McKenzie Martin – Saving Lives

Jake Parkinson – Want to Play for Money?

Faith Pfeifer – Secret Admirer

Colton Roach – Show Me the Money!/Money Shot

Branwen Vaupel – Evil Entertainment

Behlee Aimone – The Clone Wars

Linzy Carpenter – The Overlooked Students

Karlee Hereford – Title IX: Changing the World

Dawson Martin – Stop Cyberbullying

Trevon Peterson – Gun Control is Out of Control

Dalton Stoddard – A Universe of Cloning/The Lovely Mr. Wright

Mark Timbrell – Cloning: Dream or Nightmare

Brandon Vitt – Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Quarter 3 Top Ten Essays

Taylor Allen – Dream to Dream

Harlan Benedict – Doggie Disorders

Ethan Fenus – Fear

Dallie Hewitt – If Only the Future was as Cool as the Past

Landen Kellum – #BeautyJ

Paxton Maxfield – Fear to Fear

Hope Pfeifer – Bravery, or Just Stupidity

Brianna Tims – A Letter to Food

Sabre Williams – Selfishness Will Ruin Everything 

Emilee Benedict – Among the Chaos

Lizzy Dunn – The True Meaning of Beauty

Kaytri Flint – Fear is Expecting and Not Knowing

Braxton Hysell – Uncomfortable Fear

Delaney Lupher – Country Life

Slade Mair – The Pain in Fear/The Dead Sea Scrolls

Faith Pfeifer – The Bravery of What is Inside Rodeos and Horses

Colton Roach – The Pain in Fear

Austin Smith – A Legacy of Life

Nathan Taylor – Forgetting Homework

Baylee Tims –Beauty is...

Branwen Vaupel – Curiosity

Valerie Walker – My Friends

Behlee Aimone – True Treasure

Linzy Carpenter – Family

Logan Huber – Skeleton Poem

Olivia Moretti – Love is What the World Go Round

Trevon Peterson – True Pain

Caden Shaw – True Fear

Mark Timbrell – Deep, True Meaning of Regret

Brandon Vitt – What is TRUE Pain?

Quarter 2 Top Ten Essays

Taylor Allen – Chef

Colten Barker – Epic School/Not Just Fireworks

Harlan Benedict – Is It a Life/The Federation Fleet Wants You

Ethan Fenus – The Black Forest

Landen Kellum – Courage is Patriotism to Me or to You

Cooper Martin – G-74

Shania Pehrson – What Patriotism Means to Me

Trenna Slagowski – Life Almost Happens

Machela Sweeney – Avalanche/Letter to My Patriotism/Canyon of Doom

Brianna Tims – What is Left of Them?

Sabre Williams – What Patriotism Means to Me

Emilee Benedict – Behind the Scenes of Patriotism

Keven Cantlin – Dexter/Patriotism, Say What?

Lizzy Dunn – Intensity

Kaytri Flint – See You Again

Jessica Harter – The Wild Side

Slade Mair – Patriotism for Kids

Kenzie Martin – Patriotism is More/My Name

Jake Parkinson – Ode to Daisy

Faith Pfeifer – Water Side

Colton Roach – The Cow Jumped Over the Moon?

Austin Smith – The Life of Juan/Dream

Jason Stoddard – The Masked Marauder

Nathan Taylor – Remember the Day

Baylee Tims – Mary?

Branwen Vaupel – The White Rabbit/Someone Does Something Stupid

Valerie Walker – Pigs Have Gone Bad/What Patriotism Means to Me/My Challenge

Behlee Aimone – What Patriotism Means to Me

Jonathan Andersen – What Patriotism Means to Me

Linzy Carpenter – Two Seconds

Breanna Hood – Worst Night of My Life

Logan Huber – Patriotism Over the Years

Ian Lamb – Patriotic Person

Dawson Martin – Cold Hard Hands

Trevon Peterson – The Big Win

Dalton Stoddard – Patriotism is What?!?!

Dakota Stuart – Assassin Jellyfish

Raymie Wisenbaker – Patriotism is the American Way

Quarter 1 Top Ten Essays

Taylor Allen – Pies/The Letter of Truth

Kendal Balls – 7 Sector

Harlan Benedict – Fall in Aspen Woods

Ethan Fenus – The Year of the King

Tyler Green – The Lockdown

Dallie Hewitt – Cops & Robbers

Paxton Maxfield – The Last of the Year

Hope Pfeifer – Time to Take Chances/Is it Just a Dream?

Machela Sweeney – Fallyn and Kaya’s Story/The Year of Opportunities

Brianna Tims – Tooth Fairy  

Sabre Williams – The Year of Destruction

Emilee Benedict – Hello Me
Lizzy Dunn – Letter to Me

Kaytri Flint – One Day I’ll Learn/The Time I Moved to Mountain View...

Jessica Harter – The Cry

Delaney Lupher – Picture Day/Dear Me / The Letter

Slade Mair – The Ride

Faith Pfeifer – Finding Her

Colton Roach – Johnny Zombieseed/The Year of the Dragon

Austin Smith – Smith

Baylee Tims – Crazy House/The Best Year Ever

Branwen Vaupel – Gray’s Ghost

Hallie Walker – The Princess’s Curse/Untitled

Linzy Carpenter – The Letter of Serious Stuff

Kindee Carter – Letter to Attractive Specimen / If You Give a Dog Peanut Butter  

Karlee Hereford – The Letter of the Year

Logan Huber – Creeper

Dawson Martin – Jodi and Jay/The Best Letter Ever

Trevon Peterson – Hunting  

 Dalton Stoddard – Sector 7/The Letter of the Decade

Dakota Stuart – The Killer Teacher!

Mark Timbrell – The House at the End of the Woods

Raymie Wisenbaker – The Letter For the Best Person Ever