Mountain View Middle School                 

6th grade Reading and Language Arts          

Mrs. Kaiser

I am excited to have your child in my Reading/Language Arts class this year. Sixth grade is an important transition year, and I am happy to be a part of it. I look forward to working with you and your student.

Please know you may contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

My email is:

The school phone is: 782-3377.

I will return your call as soon as possible. I am also available before and after school if you would like to visit.

1. SOAR Study Skills: You were briefly introduced to the SOAR Study Skills program at Back to School night. You should be seeing that binder and planner every night at home.

         As 6th grade teachers, we encourage students to write down all homework in their planners. We also expect them to place all incomplete homework in the homework (or first) pocket in their binder and then file it into the appropriate folder when complete.

         Also, you will need to sign your student’s planner once a week. It is your child’s responsibility to show you the planner and then ask for a signature. This grade will be recorded as an 8th hour grade along with participation. It is changed to a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade at the end of the semester based on 70% or higher. Signatures will be checked the last day of each week. Please do not sign ahead like for the whole year. You then miss an important opportunity to discuss your child’s classes and progress. I will cross it out, date it, and still expect a new signature that next week.

2. Power School: Please check your child’s progress on PowerSchool frequently. It is an excellent resource for talking to your child about what she is doing in school. It helps you monitor specific grades and especially missing assignments.

3. Classroom Expectations: The expectations in my classroom are the same as the rest of the school.

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

4. Grading: MVMS uses a semester grading system. Now that your child is in middle school, it is normal not to get an “A” on every assignment. It is not normal to regularly have late or missing assignments.

         As 6th grade teachers, we deduct points for work turned in late. We always accept it but not at full credit.

         We also do not grade solely on a proficiency scale as in the elementary. This means your child may be proficient or advanced, and his grade may not reflect that if he has late or missing work.  It also may be lower if work completed shows lack of effort like not following directions, not using capitals and periods appropriately, or other errors that 6th graders should no longer be making.

5. Reading: MVMS uses a reading/language program called Reader’s Journey. It is a literature-based program using a combination of novels and a workbook for skill practice. This means your student will be reading. A lot!! I also issue the 40 Book Challenge, which I hope you have already heard about.

         Your child will be reading 20 books from various genres and 20 free choice books. 40 books equal about one book per week. Students should be reading about 20-30 minutes every night. I am well aware that life happens so some nights may be one hour of reading while others are closer to five minutes, but read, read, read.

         We will complete book projects about every three weeks. So besides the novels used in class, students must be reading an independent book to use for their project.

         Students who read more are better readers. I look forward to sharing my love of books with your child. 

6. Language Arts: We use the writing and grammar portion of Reader’s Journey in Language arts. Two areas I have noticed that need extra support are grammar and spelling.

         For grammar we do extra practice in class, which can then be used as a study guide, but we also have an Internet program called IXL for both math and grammar. IXL is a great way to boost time practicing grammar to improve skills and prepare for the test.

         For spelling, we do an individualized list of six words per week. Tests are on the last day of the week, and new words are written in the planner to study at home. Lists are based on words missed on a lengthy spelling test of common words 6th graders use in writing. Most of these are K-3 sight words.

Because each list is individualized for each student and what she needs to learn, I expect students to pass. These are words they do not know but should. Students need to study!!!