Art Syllabus

Mountain View Middle School
6-8 Art Class Syllabus & Information

Welcome to MVMS Art.  This information will help you to understand the expectations in our class and might make your time in Art class more educational, creative, artistic and fun.

Various mediums we will use: 
colored pencils, pen & ink, various kinds of paper, pencil, markers, clay, water colors, and other various types of media…

 Subjects, projects, and lessons that will be learned in this class:

 6th grade

principles & elements color unit

shapes & values


texture composition

art careers

pen & ink values

art history/Egypt

cartoon characters

expressive lettering




watercolor painting

art history/western

art history/impressionism

“Art Smarts”

7th Grade                                                              8th Grade

principles & elements                                               principles & elements

color schemes                                                  2 pt. perspective

art history/realism                                  color review/compositions

1 pt. perspective                                                art criticism

art criticism                                                    art history/western

art history/expressionism                              value/proportion

pop art                                                           art history/Pop Art

expressive lettering                                            Pen & ink

art history/impressionism                               letter illumination

textures        painting techniques

pen & ink composition                                     “Art Smarts” 

ceramics                                                            ceramics

space/emphasis        expressive lettering

“Art Smarts” Famous artist/Powerpoint

Grading – Various daily assignments – 10 - 20 points

                  Short term projects – 30 - 40 points

                  Long term projects – 50 - 60 points

 All assignments are linked to the WY State Art standards.  On each assignment a score linked to a standard will be given.

 Due Dates Policy Artwork will have due dates but because students work at various paces and ability, extra time is considered with teacher approval.  Goofing off in class will not get you extra time for the completion of artwork.  Projects and assignments may be taken home to work on. Some projects will overlap but completion of all assignments before mid-term and end of the quarter is required.

 Extra Credit - Students may receive extra credit points for artwork created out of the classroom or in the classroom if time allows.  Extra credit work must appear to have taken a considerable amount of time (at least 45 minutes or more) and show some detail.  Extra credit work may be handed in any time before the end of each quarter.

 Supplies – Every student will receive a supply list for the items needed in Art class.  Some supplies will be provided. Supplies are to be brought to class with you and must leave with you.  No supplies should be stored or left in the Art room.

 Behavior – All present in the classroom including students, teachers, and other creative beings are to respect each other, their belongings and their school and its property.  Simple: Don't do anything that keeps this from happening!

PBIS will apply to the Art classroom. (Safe, Respectful, Responsible)

Students will collaborate to create classroom expectations.

Hall passes – Planners must be used. Don't come to class without it.  Take care of what you might need to during your break.

 Art Show – This year there will be an Art show in the spring.  Details will be given at a later date.  The exhibit will be held at the MVMS commons.

 Board Room Exhibit Artwork will be chosen from the various art classes to represent the middle school.  These works of art will be displayed in the school board room at the central office.  Students will receive a notice and invitation of this recognition.

Let's have a great 
artistic year.             Ms. Hutchinson