1. Appreciated Behavior

    1. Be respectful and polite to everyone in the classroom; please do not talk or make other disturbances while another student is sharing a question or response, while the teacher is speaking to the class, or while the class is reading aloud together.  More importantly, pay attention to what is being said.

    2. Be respectful of property; please do not cause damage to the furniture and materials in my classroom, nor to the property of other students or visitors of the classroom.

    3. Attend class regularly and participate to the best of your ability in classroom discussions and activities.

    4. Please make every effort to use the restroom, go to your locker, and run other errands between classes, at lunch, and before or after school.

    5. To reward appreciated behavior, classes can earn “Activity Days”. For these days, we will choose an activity for the class to enjoy for a day.

  2. Homework & quizzes

    1. Homework will rarely be given when you have not been allowed at least some class time to begin your work.  Often the time given in class will be adequate to complete the assignment in its entirety.  Consequently, if you choose to use class time as directed, you will minimize the amount of homework from Language Arts.  The exception to this is reading. You always have “reading” homework.

    2. Use whatever writing implements you choose, but it is your responsibility to make sure all work turned in for a grade is neat and legible. Both sides of the paper may be used unless this interferes with legibility.

  3. Time Management

    1. Use time in class effectively and appropriately as directed.

    2. Become self-motivated in managing class time allocated (given) for independent, partner, and small group work.

  4. Writing: There will be extensive writing opportunities this year.

    1. The Writing Process: All writing will be carried through the writing process, which will be visible and evident.

    2. Resubmission: All writing pieces, which are not to the best of your ability, can be resubmitted until your best writing is achieved.

    3. Organization: Keep all writing materials and pieces organized and accessible:

      1. Please have a spiral notebook dedicated to Language Arts. You will maintain a “Writing Notebook” for notes, quick writes, brainstorming, and drafting.

      2. Digital “Writing Portfolio”: Use your school Google email account to work, save and store your writing. Keep your Google Drive organized with folders and subfolders. Use appropriate filenames for each document.

  5. Grading:

    1. To receive a “Proficient” mark each quarter 1st, 2nd, and 3rd; you will turn-in a final copy of:

      1. One (1) EXPOSITORY writing piece

      2. One (1) EXPRESSIVE writing piece

      3. Complete all of your notes, assignments, etc. in your “Writer’s Notebook”

    2. To be eligible for an “Advanced” mark, in addition to the above, you will turn in a final copy of:

      1. One (1) SELF-CHOSEN writing piece.

    3. Writing Portfolio – Quarter 4

      1. A collection of your writing will be submitted at the end of the year with your NAME POSTER, your completed POETRY PACKET, a REFLECTIVE Cover Letter addressed to your SENIOR SELF that shows reflection on your growth as a writer and reader and your attitude towards your writing and reading, and other deserving reading and writing pieces.

  1. Reading

    1. Class reading: Each unit you will read one "Anchor" text within a group. This reading will be assessed (graded) through various assignments, class discussions, projects, and presentations.

    2. Independent Reading: Each unit you are expected to complete at least one other text. You may choose from lists that will be provided at a later time. The reading of these texts will be assessed (graded) by independent projects and/or presentations.

    3. Challenge 40: You may choose to read additional books that, combined with assigned texts, will total 40 books during the school year.

  2. Grading:

    1. To obtain Proficient marks: you will complete all assigned work satisfactorily.

    2. To obtain Advanced marks: You will be expected to go above and beyond by completing EXTRA CREDIT opportunities.

      1. One-Pagers: You may submit up to three different “One-Pagers” each quarter for extra points. You must read a book outside of the class readings, and complete a “One-Pager”. These of course, can count towards the Challenge 40.

  3. Questionable content – Please, if you have any questions or problems with the idea of your student reading, viewing, or listening to any materials please call or email me with the information provided above. Books will be readily available to students. There are many books; not only in my classroom, but also in both the school library and public library that have value to students. Regardless, many of these same stories do not always meet the standards that parents set for their children. Although, I cannot police every student and have no intention of doing so, I am very willing to open a dialogue with guardians about what their individual student will be encouraged to read.