Top Tens 2015-2016

Fictional Narrative Essays

Adam Bates – Lost Order: The Raid

Bailey Bross - Sprint

Liz Hurdsman - Secrets

Jolee Lamoreaux - Western Pleasure

Bailee Leonard - The Forbidden Forest

Dennis Owens - Emotionless

Riley Ozuna - Soccer

Katie Timbrell - The Legend of Wasco

Ashton Walk - Silent Whispers

Braeden Walk - The 3rd Splash Brother


Briggin Bluemel -

Tynnille Hansen -

Travis Harmon -

Bridger Harris -

Cassidy Henrie -

Tayah Manzanares -

Alyssa Spiers -

Haily Stephens -

Ally Thomas -

Destinie Wisenbaker -

Expository: Cause & Effect Essays

Bailey Bross – Rotator Cuff: Tears & Tendonitis

Cortlin Condos - Hurricanes

Ruger Hewitt - The Causes of Rodeo

Jolee Lamoreaux - Basketball Injuries

Dennis Owens - 9/11

Jenny Patterson - Sports Injuries

Tyler Stoddard - What Caused the NFL to Change the Rules?

Katie Timbrell - The Fame of Billy Joel

Braeden Walk - The effects of WWII

Tynnille Hansen - How Smoking Harms Us

Travis Harmon - Effects of Anger

Kimmy Madsen - Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Jimmy Medler - Deadly Paintball, Safe Words

Alyssa Spiers - Harmful Effects of Drinking Pepsi

Haily Stephens - The Effect of Drinking Alcohol

Trevor Sweeney - The Effects of Poaching

Alix Walker - Effects of Chewing Smokeless Tobacco

Ally Thomas - Causes of Sleep Deprivation

Q3 Student Choice Submissions

Ruger Hewitt - The Biography of Tuf Cooper

Dawson Jorgensen - Zom-B 3

Katelyn Tims - Framed

Ashton Walk - Silent Voices: Book 2 of Silent Whispers

Braeden Walk - Was Cam Newton’s Crimsonite the Broncos Defense? Narrative – Personal Nonfiction

Breckin Barnes – The Tresspasser

Hunter Gross – The Winter Mistake

Jazmyn Haslett – My Trip to Lagoon

Madison Johnson – The Hunting Trip

Dawson Jorgenson – My Knee Hurts

Hagen Lamoreaux – My Mom’s First Elk

Jolee Lamoreaux – The Starting Gate

Jenny Patterson – Curse the Bee Hole

Tyler Stoddard – Fishing at Lake Tahoe

Katelyn Tims – The Mayan Ruins

Braeden Walk – She’s Back


Ethan Cantlin – The Time I Shot My Antelope

Travis Harmon – The Unforgettable Ride

Bridger Harris – Six Seconds

Tayah Manzanares - Trapped (The Trip)

Westley Merritt – The Four-wheel Drift King

Cameron Smith – The Lost Hunters

Haily Stephens – Chased by a Bear

Ally Thomas – Cooking Class Explosion

Dylan Wiginton – The Time I Nearly Hugged That Tree

Destinie Wiesenbaker – The Creep

Expository – Unit 2 Critical Review

Adam Bates – Guys Write for Guys Read

Cortlin Condos – Droolers and the Thief

Liz Hurdsman – The Comparison Between Two Great Stories

Katie Timbrell

Ashton Walk

Hunter Gross – The Winter Mistake

Madison Johnson – The Hunting Trip

Dawson Jorgenson – My Knee Hurts

Hagen Lamoreaux – Overcoming Obstacles

Jolee Lamoreaux – To Build a Fire

Tyler Stoddard – The Most Immature Book

Katelyn Tims – Uncommon Champions

Ashton Walk – Uncommon Things About These Champions

Braeden Walk – The Best Champions Are Unknown

Tynnille Hansen – Different Fates of Tormented Narrators

Travis Harmon – Overcoming Trials

Cassidy Henrie – The Timeless Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Kenzy Kellum – Themes

Kimmy Madsen – Seeing Things in the Streets

Westley Merritt – Guys Write for Guys Read

Haily Stephens – Uncommon Champions

Ally Thomas – Robots and Apes the Same?

Honorable Mention:

Ethan Cantlin – The Adventures of the Robot

Alix Walker – Anchor Book Compare and Contrast

Dylan Wiginton – The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

Destinie Wiesenbaker – Criticising Robot Dreams

Q2 StudentChoice

Cortlin Condos – Siberto

Liz Hurdsman – The Tiger

Ty Stoddard – Why I Hate the Patriots

Katelyn Tims – Sledding at My Grandma’s House

Ashton Walk – Translate This!

Tynnille Hansen – Life is a Joke or Expectations

Benny Richardson – Hamburger

Haily Stephens – Basketball (Poster)

Dylan Wiginton – Tacos: The Legacy of Timothy

Destinie Wiesenbaker – In Between What is Gone Expository – Letter to Mr. Wright

Adam Bates

Bailey Bross

Cortlin Condos

Hunter Gross

Madison Johnson

Dawson Jorgenson

Dennis Owens

Tyler Stoddard

Katie Timbrell

Ashton Walk

Tynnille Hansen

Travis Harmon

Bridger Harris

Cassidy Henrie

Jimmy Medler

Westley Merritt

Haily Stephens

Trevor Sweeney

Ally Thomas

Destinie Wiesenbaker

Expressive - Found Poem

Adam Bates – Draft of the Guide

Bailey Bross – Fun with Spontaneous Combustion

Cortlin Condos – Fatherly Love

Erickson Dimick – Land of the Unforgiven

Elizabeth Hurdsman - Nightmare

Madison Johnson – Adventures in Narnia

Dawson Jorgenson – Scary Man

Jolee Lamoreaux – The Mysterious Creature

Katelyn Tims – The Mysterious Forest

Ashton Walk – PUNny PUNishments

Tynnille Hansen – Chains Labeled Self Destruction

Travis Harmon – The Wanderer

Cassidy Henrie – The Transfer

Kenzy Kellum – Adolescence Begins

Tayah Manzanares - Trapped

Alyssa – Dysfunction to Danger

Haily Stephens – A Wolf to Fight

Ally Thomas – The Pertiful Dance

Dylan Wiginton – Death Fire Destruction

Destinie Wiesenbaker – Electrifying Wave

Q1 StudentChoice

Adam Bates – Super Squad

Dawson Jorgensen – The Talking Dead Screenplay

Tynnille Hansen – The Wrong Side of Almost

Haily Stephens – Hunting

Trevor Sweeney – Legend to: He is...